HeatShield Adhesion Promoter is a liquid additive that may be added to HeatShield Cerfractory Flue sealant or HeatShield Cerfractory Foam upon mixing to further promote adhesion or bonding to flue tiles and masonry surfaces. Because the interior surfaces of masonry chimneys and fireplaces are often difficult to clean and prep, the use of HeatShield Adhesion Promoter ensures maximum bonding potential.

HeatShield Adhesion Promoter is a clear, syrupy liquid that replaces a portion of the water used for mixing. It also improves strength by reducing the total amount of water required for application.

Each gallon of Adhesion Promoter is adequate for mixing 5-50 lb. pails of HeatShield or 10-25 lb. pails of Cerfractory Foam.

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